The Baltic Society of Phlebology
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International Workshop Another Phlebology, 6-7 October 2017 Budapest, Hungary


On behalf of the Hungarian Venous Forum and the Hungarian Society for Angiology and Vascular Surgery, it is a great pleasure to invite you to join us at our international meeting, the Another Phlebology Symposium.

This is the second in a series of conferences in which we rather speak about new and unknown things than prove topics which have already been proved many times before. This means we would like to discuss both completely new discoveries, works in progress without strong supporting evidence, and other things not really new, but not yet mainstream in our discipline. The reason why some notions are not fashionable might be because they are not supported by firms, or only a few colleagues use them, but they could be beneficial for many patients.

There are different branches of phlebology which we are going to deal with. We have tried to include not only clinicians, but also researchers to see the possibilities of future developments.

We invite you to Budapest, one of the most beautiful capitals in the world, and because of continual renovation more so today than ever before. You will discover an international city, rich in arts and culture. You will enjoy walking by the Danube and visiting museums, the Parliament, the Opera House, Heroes’ Square and the Castle district which has a newly restored grand entrance and park. Hungary, as every nation, has a unique history that can answer many visitors’ questions about the development of Hungarian culture: the very different language in the middle of Europe, the various Turkish baths, the continuously changing monuments and statues in the city, to mention only some of them.

We hope you enjoy the conference and the city!

We look forward to seeing you in Budapest,

Dr. Imre Bihari

Chair of the Symposium